My Thoughts on Suicide

This world is a pretty dark place; alongside the obvious travesties of which there are many there exist the smaller but still damaging personal demons that we live with on a far more intimate and for the most part I think more hidden basis. These I think can be summed up into the big three: Money or more specifically the world’s over reliance on it ensuring that no one has enough and everyone needs to get more, Morality and the rigidness that it imposes on to far more lucid situations than said moral guidelines are equipped to deal with, leaving many people with a confused view on what really is right and wrong, and Relationships, because nothing is more difficult than measuring up your needs and expectations and thoughts against another person’s on a daily basis, with every person you interact with. I’ve left the descriptions for these fairly brief, and I hope to return to them in a subsequent post. But this is not the subject of this conversation. My point is that this earth is not always one that is easy to live in.

A man allegedly* committed suicide by jumping off on the Bull Ring Shopping Centre. A brief summary of the story can be found here the story is of course a sad one as anyone with human empathy should agree that the loss of anyone’s life before their time is a sad thing, but what I found interesting is the reaction to the story. The main thread of conversation centred on the selfishness (not my word) of the man for choosing to make a spectacle out of his death, potentially traumatizing any onlookers.

While this may be a valid point, the whole ‘If you’re going to kill yourself don’t wreck someone else’s day doing it’ (I’m adlibbing) seems rather dismissive of the situation, mainly because it makes the assumption that a man with suicidal tendencies should have the same mindset of an average person when of course this isn’t the case. Speaking purely as a layman: If you are at the point where you would rather end your life than continue whatever struggle you’re going through why should you care about the impact your death will have on anyone else? Not killing yourself wouldn’t make them happier, so why should the opposite matter to you?

On the other side of it, I’m not condoning suicide. Fundamentally I have a problem with it and I think no one has the right to decide when they can’t deal with their own life, not only is it damaging to your loved ones who don’t get the luxury of running away from that problem, it’s also belittling to the countless people who have survived more difficult things than you and come out the other end. But to say that it’s ok to commit suicide but not ok to do it publicly is almost laughable., I suppose what I’m saying, and it has been rather obtuse me thus far I admit, is that suicide is selfish and that you can be personally against it, but to assume that your opinion to condemn it has a bearing on a person who wants to kill himself, or that it holds any worth after the fact is ridiculous and only shows your conceit.

This essay was a difficult one both because I have to be aware of people’s emotions, believe me I understand that I come off cold and this is mainly purposefully done because an emotive response is an uninterested one, and also because I have to avoid using buzz words like ‘Tragedy’ and ‘Victim’ and ‘Troubled’ because these too are dismissive of the topic, this event was a shame, not shameful, but a shame that someone had to resort to what they did. Of course my condolences to the family and unidentified man and I hope that they can find peace with his actions. I said that this world is a dark place, but hopefully their exists light somewhere in-between. To anyone reading this, I hope the issue reminds you not that people do selfish or horrific things, but that life is fleeting, and I urge you to hold your loved ones just that much closer for that much longer the next opportunity.

*I say allegedly because at the time of writing this no source has confirmed this, though it seems fairly obvious.


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